Loc Ho


Weight Class: 125 lbs

Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Philosophy

Club Role: Coach

Why Did you Start Boxing?

My brother and I always had an interest in combat. Boxing was a sport I felt I could succeed in. I started when I was 14 since I had all that I needed to start. It was just my brother, our coach, who was a family friend, and I.

What's your favorite thing about boxing?

Those times when my punches fly and I'm on autopilot.

What's the hardest and easiest thing about boxing?

The hardest thing is losing weight. The easiest thing is sparring most people.

Tell us more about your family and roots.

Both my parents were immigrants. I'm half Vietnamese, quarter Chinese and quarter black. I come from a poor background, somewhat Asian, somewhat black. Through my childhood, it has just been my brother, mother, sister, and me.